Environmental Information

Established at TEIA's inception, the Environmental Information Center has worked to disseminate environmental information to the Taiwanese public as a way to generate awareness and guard the country against environmental threats. We believe that information is the foundation of any helpful action. 

We provide, on a daily basis, environment-related information including news, feature articles, editorials, and green events, created by our staff and experts from variousfields, on our official website. Our information reaches 30,000 browsers per day on average.

We circulate newsletters through email subscription to approximately 100,000 readers and seeks to reach out to our community through Facebook.

We won Taiwan's "Social Responsibility Award" given by The Foundation for Excellent Journalist Award for extinguished journalists and media.

Maintained Websites and Facebook Pages

>>Taiwan Environmental Information Center (Chinese)


>>Taiwan News (English)

>>Taiwan Wetland (Chinese)


 (partially subsidized by Forestry Bureau, Taiwan

>>Nature Made in Taiwan:

A Multimedia Window of the Ecology in Taiwan (Chinese/English)

(partially subsidized by Forestry Bureau, Taiwan)

>>World Water Day 2015 (Chinese) 


>>Environmental Newsletter Web (Chinese) 


(subsidized by Environmental Protection Administration, Taiwan

>>Taiwan Climate Adaptation Platform (Chinese) 


(subsidized by National Development Council, Taiwan

>>An Insight into China's Environment (Chinese)