YangMing Mountain

Yangmingshan eco-working holiday takes places on Erziping (二子坪),yangming mountain(陽明山). Yangmingshan National Park is the nearest national park to Taipei ,we started our conservation work with volunteers here in 2005. Yangmingshan is famous for its unique volcanic geology and topographical sights, and it’s easy to reach from Taipei so there are many visitors come to enjoy the scenery every day.More than just sightseeing, we provide environmental interpretation in our eco-working holiday so the volunteers get the chance to learn more about the natural environment.

Located at the west side of the national park, Erziping is in the volcanic dip between Mt. Datun's main peak and Mt. Erzi. There are a variety of aquatic plants in the ecological pool, because some people released them with fish, some alien species such as Brazilian waterweed and eelgrass have invaded this area and this causes losses to biodiversity. Our volunteers help to clean out the invasive species growing in Erziping ecological pool. Wearing wetsuit (we also call them frogsuit), trying hard to pull your leg out from the sticky mud and to keep balance at the same time, this will be a cool experience of yours and it’s good for the environment!