ChiKu Working Holiday

Guarding the coastline

This area has high biodiversity and it’s the endangered Black-faced spoonbill also wintering here. Qigu lagoon is the biggest lagoon in Taiwan, people raise oyster here and this became one of the most important ways of living. The biggest salt evaporation pond in Taiwan used to be here, at 2002 people harvested salt for the last time and this ends the production of salts in Taiwan. These show that how Qigu people’s life rely on the ecology.

However, the sandbar has rapidly eroded in the past few decades, this cause the lagoon shrinks. Both artificial and natural factors might lead to shrinking sandbar, and Qigu people want to protect their home. You can also help! By weaving bamboo fences which can protect the sands from wind, we have seen that the sandbar is “growing back” little by little. And of course, when coming to the beach we always do costal cleanup!

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