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Guo Sheng Pu Coastal Cleanup

  • 作者 TEIA台灣環境資訊協會
  • 日期 2020.12.25



2013 Jinshan Coastal Cleanup

The ocean contains many things, from natural resources to — yes, this is really happening– man made debris.The debris are harmful to marine wildlife and are killing them. Seaturtles mistake floating plastic bags as there favorite jellyfish, whales get stuck in ghost fishing nets…

Please join us in Coastal Cleanup and Marine Debris Monitoring to make a difference!

2014 Coastal Cleanup Timeline】(中文
Time Notes
1/25 (Sat.)
2/22 (Sat.
3/29 (Sat.
4/26 (Sat.)
5/3 (Sat.)
5/24 (Sat.)
6/28 (Sat.) 
7/26 (Sat.)
8/30 (Sat.)
9/27 (Sat.)  Full, you will be placed on the wait list
10/19 (Sun.)
11/22 (Sat.)
12/27 (Sat.)
NT 100 per person. This includes safe insurance and dessert, payment is made at your arrival.
Adult, or children above 12 who have at least a guardian.
Please download the application form and send it back to us after completing it. We will send you an confirm email as we receive your registration.
【Must bring】
Reusable water bottle (for a zero waste lifestyle!), Closed-toed shoes(for your own safety, you’ll never believe what we’ve found on the beach!), Hats. (Other information will be seen in the prior notice sent to you.)

 Meeting at Jinshan Station(Jinshan Post Office),walk to the beach
 Self introduction,Safety instructions.
 Coastal Cleanup
 Marine debris data collection
       17:20-  Farewell
【How to get】 Jinshan Post Office (map)
From Taipei main station: KingBus(國光客運) 1815 (takes about 90mins)
From MRT Tamsui station: Bus 862 (takes about 75 mins)
From Keelung: Bus 862 (takes about 40 mins)
                       Bus790 (takes about 60 mins)

【Contact Info】
Please contact us for more information or enquiries:
Taiwan Environmental Information Association
[email protected], +886-2-2933-2233 ext. 243