Pure Kihau

Kihau is the name of a port near Pisilian, Pisilian people traditionally and still go there fishing.
May 2011, a developing project called “Bao-sheng Marine Eco-park” on the coast of TaiTung County was suddenly announced. Although developer had held a public meeting, they didn’t intend to listen to any local opinion. In the meeting, the developer responded badly to the resident’s questions. The developing manager of Bao-sheng Corporation said: “There is no need to tell you any further information since our company had gained legal right to develop. Your feedback won’t change our plan; the meeting is only to show our kindness.” Worst of all, there was no Amis interpreter present during the meeting while most of the local people speak Amis rather than Mandarin.
The area where Bao-sheng Marine Eco-park is located is called “Ki-Hau” in local language; it is the best surfing site in Taitung and even lives a very rare coral species. We sincerely worry that Kihau is going to be destroyed by this developing corporation who is unwilling to communicate and not open to any suggestions. Not only the marine ecosystem may be highly impacted, the living right of local Amis resident will be violated as well.