TEIA has been actively seeking partners, including domestic and international groups.

International Partnerships

TEIA has partnered with Environment News Service since 2000 and is authorized to translate and share environmental articles on TEIA-related websites.

TEIA has been a full member of International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) since 2009. We manage the Traditional Chinese version of INTO website and Facebook fanpage.

TEIa and ASUKA Scenery Concervation Volunteer Association (ASCVA, Japan) are active partners and participate in each other's working holidays.

TEIA joined Plastic Pollution Coalition in 2014.

TEIA joined the EKOenergy Network during the summer of 2015, an international network of environmental organisations with an aim to promote the use of sustainable electricity.


Taiwan may be made of islands, but we are not isolated from the rest of the world. As most countries do, Taiwan affects others and is affected by the actions of others socially and environmentally. 

  • We attended international environmental forums in different countries, including South Africa, Czech Republic, Venezuela, Pakistan, Mongolia, and Bail, among others.
  • We interact with organizations from the UK and Japan, sharing experiences in organizing Eco-Working Holidays and learning more about existing cases of Environmental Trust by visiting first hand and joining in the activities.
  • We hold annual events with environmental NGOs from Taiwan’s neighbor – China.
  • Our correspondents bring back first-hand news for the Taiwanese public from international meetings and visits.


Local Partnerships

TEIA has been a member of Taiwan Ocean Cleanup Alliance. Apart from that, we also

  • Organize an NGO network for more than 40 members with its advanced computer technology, and
  • Coordinate with different groups in most major conservation issues or events.