About Fudafudak

Fudafudak (杉原,Shanyuan in Chinese) is a beach in Taitung, Taiwan. Local aboriginal people call it "Fudafudak" in Amis language, which means "the beautiful beach".  In 2004, Taitung government started a BOT project to build a beach resort called Miramar on Shanyuan beach and helped the resort to avoid an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) before construction begins. read more about the case

What We Do Here

The Miramar resort has been a top controversial issue about conservation and development since then. TEIA has been involved in the "Anti-Miramar Resort movement" for years, we helped with reporting, fundraising, participate in government meetings, organise protests and demonstrations.

We also conduct environmental activities here to bring more people here to learn about the beauty of this place at the things happend. Data collected from the coral reef research we participate in was one of the important evidences for the judge to rule that Miramar Resort has to stop construction. 

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