Eco-Working Holidays

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Taiwan is made up of the Taiwan main island and over one hundred islets located at the western edge of the Pacific Ocean and off the coast of southern mainland China. Due to its geographical location and dramatic changes in elevation, Taiwan contains a range of ecosystems from tropical rainforest to alpine grassland, and hosts numerous species. However, rapid economic expansion, a dense population, and pro-industrialization government policies have caused the island’s biodiversity and natural resources to be lost at an alarming rate.

Eco-working holiday is an exciting and interesting way to make a difference in conserving the environment. You can enjoy your holiday, meet new friends, learn from different cultures, and do something good for a better world! More importantly, we do our best to make sure our activities are eco friendly (low-carbon emissions, public transportation, and no single use plastic!)

Volunteers are engaged in different conservation works depend on habitat's situation. Some routine works include remove invasive species, coastal cleanups, cleanup the ocean, Reef Check, weaving bamboo fences to protect the sandbar. When needed, volunteers help to build terraced retaining walls and traditional thatched buildings used as compost toilets, relaxing huts, or bird watch huts.   

We also believe that by promoting eco-working holidays (volunteering+tourism), we can pursue sustainable development and support local communities. As a national NGO, we coorperate with local communities to enroll more people and to achieve longer term success in environmental protecion.

Here are some sites we work and arrange working holidays at: Pisilian(Taitung), Fudafudak(Taitung), Chiku(Tainan), Yangming Mountain(Taipei), Dongyu Island(Penghu) 


If you are interested, we look forward to hearing from you!  :)
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