2014 Taitung Eco-Working Holiday


Fudafudak – the beautiful beach, Atolan – the site made of stone laying, Pisilian –where people raise sheep; those beautiful names in Amis*1 language also comes with great views and warm-hearted people. However, several construction projects is destroying the environment which is home to many wildlife and the indigenous people. The nature, indigenous culture with thousands years of history and their traditional ecological knowledge are now threatened by inappropriate development projects.

*1:Amis people are an indigenous group of Taiwan, they speak Amis, an Austronesian language.

This summer, welcome to the eastern coast of Taiwan to experience the beauty of this island, and go deep to learn about different cultures with local guides. You will be engaged in some environment protection work at the sites we visit. More importantly, by practicing responsible tourism, we are setting a good example of sustainable development.

Taiwan Environmental Information Association has long been working at eastern coast and cooperating with local communities to protect the environment. This journey will bring you to visit indigenous tribes and learn about their knowledge, you get a chance to experience micikiw (food gathering in intertidal zone), making barkcloth, and plant dyes. Together with other volunteers from Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong, you’ll experience another way of living which might be more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Task for the volunteers

Marine debris kill animals through ingestion or entanglement, let’s cleanup the beach and give wild animals a clean home back. Also, by analyzing the marine debris we collect, it will give us as picture of what these stuffs are and how they ended up in the ocean. And our data will contribute to International Coastal Cleanup!

Invasive species take over the habitat of native species. In our organic farm at Pisilian, we need your help to remove invasive plants such as Climbing Hemp Vine (Mikania micrantha).

Enjoy a eco-friendly and responsible vacation

We provide biodegradable shampoo, body wash, cleaners, bamboo toothbrush, recycled toilet paper; volunteers please bring your own reusable tableware and containers. Foods provided are mostly local ingredients and sustainable seafood, we try our best to reduce environmental footprint.

Visit environmental incident sites

Miramir Resort is a seaside resort in Fudafudak, Tiatung. In 2005, Miramir Resort started construction without undergoing a compulsory Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), this not only damaged the environment, but also threaten the EIA system which is meant to be a mechanism to protect Taiwan's environmental treasures. This famous case has been a highly controversial issue about “Development vs Conservation”, “indigenous rights and land justice” in Taiwan.  more about this case

Atolan is beautiful tribe and has attracted many immigrants because of it’s beauty. In 2003, a writer Chen jumped into the ocean and disappeared, he left a letter “God bless Atolan”. Because of him, a controversial construction project was suspended. After that, local people set up a “Chen’s pole” to show their determination to protect their home.

May 2011, a development project called “Bao-sheng Marine Eco-park” was suddenly announced. Although developer hold a public meeting, they didn’t intend to listen to any opinion from the local Pisilian tribe.

Since 2004, The Indigenous Peoples Basic Law regulate that “The government or private party shall consult indigenous peoples and obtain their consent or participation, and share with indigenous peoples benefits generated from land development, resource utilization, ecology conservation and academic researches in indigenous people’s regions.” However, in many cases, we see no respect to the law and indigenous rights at all.

There are now dozens of controversial development projects in eastern Taiwan, many of them locate in indigenous traditional territories. It’s actually about what kind of “development” do we want? A more sustainable one, or one that destroys the environment and benefits only big corporations? Come to the scene and make your own judgement.

【Contact Information】

Email: [email protected]

Office: +886-2-2933-2233 ext.228 Ms. Hsu 

Skype: tinilan

Dates】 2014/8/2~2014/8/6

1.Gathering point: August 2nd  (Sat.) 14:10, Taitung train station (detail traffic information will be sent to you after you sign up)

2.Dissolution point: August 6th (Wed.) 14:30, Pisilian station

Age Range】 16+


NT6800 (USD 227) (Include: insurance, food & accommodation, traffic fees during the holiday, pawpaw drum show, a “Don’t say goodbye to eastern coast” towel. You are responsible for your transportation arrangement between your place and Taitung, suggestions can be provided if needed) Sign up with a friend and you’ll each get a NT200 discount!


Booking Online

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Please pay a deposit of NT2500/USD85 within 3 days after booking. The rest of the fee can be paid on arrival.

You can pay by credit card or bank transfer. Please indicate this is your deposit of 2014 Taitung working holiday on your payment form or notify us after you made your payment.

Refund policy

*If you cancel your booking:

 No refund of the deposit. Please do not book unless you are certain you can attend.

*If we cancel the working holiday:

 In some cases we have to cancel our working holiday due to typhoon, then you’ll receive a full refund of your money.(A transfer fee might be charged by the bank)






8/3 Fudafudak– Atolan



Atolan– Pisilian









5:30 morning call, breakfast

Morning call, breakfast, packing

5:30 morning call, breakfast

Morning call, breakfast,





Coastal Cleanup

Guided tour of Atolan

Pasa’ Amis mountain pathway tour

Walk through intertidal zone to Kihau and beach cleanup



~9:30 analyzing marine debris

Remove invasive species(within our farmland and neighboring garden)




Nap time

Sansiantai development scene



Free time

Collect potherb for lunch





Lunch (traditional Amis food)

Use a rocket stove to make our own lunch

Sharing session and lunch





Take a bus to Atolan


Take a bus to pisilian

Lunch, nap



Hostel Check-In

13:35~15:00 Hostel Check-In

13:30~14:30 Packing


Happy meeting you

Making barkcloth

organic cotton plant dyeing (using Mikania micrantha)

14:30 Goodbye~


Mickiw food gathering in intertidal zone

Learn to make a traditional dessert “Red Turtle Cake”


Guided tour of Pisilian


Return stroke: introduction of old tribe


17:30~ Dinner

Lecture:organic farming and preservation of traditional ecological knowledge in Pisilian

Pisilian pawpaw drum show




Dinner (Amis Cuisine)

Pakelang (farewell party)


Coastal cleanup training and coastline development issue


Stroll in  Atolan/ free time

Fisheries simulation game “Fishbanks”




Time to bed

Time to bed

21:30 Time to bed

Time to bed